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Name Krystal Light
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Age 16
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Krystal Light ;
Heylo everbuddy! im KRYSTA of course. My faver thing is food. my faver shortty is a tie between destapee nd tiffapee. my faver grly is ofcourse smiley. my faver man is osca. my faver meal of the day is uhhh anythin wit meat in it srry vegaterians but im a meatatarian. hate my vege's bleh! ummmm oh one of the things i cant stand in my life is dem shit talkers >:L especially those putas dat put words in my mouth. but in a way all dem bitches just maken me stand out nd famous. go ahead tlk ur shit all yu want just watch out cuz if i find out..... we will hav sum problems. To all my haterzz out there-i am aware that sum people dont lik my style persunality or just me in general; well that's just a-okay wit meh. yu dunt hav to dress or act that way. it's just the way i choOse to rock it :) do get hate mail frequently i just think it's a waiste of time fer me nd nd the ones who write it. most of the time i laugh at yur feeble attempts to try insult me. in life it is true that ever one has an opinion about yu, but the only opinion that matters is my own. i am not goin to message yu bak yellin at yu or callin yu names. becuz i kno im better then that. i just hav more clasS. so it really is just a waist of yur time. there will be not one second that i'll take yur opinion in consideration i dunt care. i hav basicly been kalled everthin in the book scene,trash,freack, punk,cocky bitch,fat,stupid,dumass etc. i kno who i am nd i am none of the above. so befor you click the message or comment button wit the intention on insultin me, think in yur head; wow i really hav nuthin better to du wit my life than try insult sumone over the internet. you will realize how pathetic you are. Photobucket <<< is sumthin im not. you kan kall me that all you want but really i mean cum on is that the best you kan du¿ w/e. so if yu got sumthin to say just streight up say it to ma face. it's lik i kant du shiiit without sumone havin to kall me a bitch,slut.skank,WHORE! just cum clean wit it and say it streight up tu meh. dunt be a fawkin pussy bout it unless yu are. ANYWHO. Other then that... my ass hurts 4rm sittin all day... it hurts........... alot.

SEXY BiTCH!! HeY PEoPlE DiiZ Be JeSuS MAdrId HaCKkINN CRyySTaLl'S PaGEe WeLl LeT Me TeLl U sUMm ThINGg AbOuT HeR WeLL I NEwW HeR 4rM HEr KOo BRo MaTt WeLl DIzZ GuRl WilL BE PIMPpIN DA FuCkK OUt Of Me ShE Be MAkIN GuRLs JELoUs CAaUSe DeY DNt GoT Me LoLl WeLl SHe DA PrEeTtY TIPe Of GuRl;;GuYz U mISsIn OuT Of DiZ PReEtTY gUrL ShELl Be LoVIn Yu If Yu KoO WIFf HeR aNd cRyStAl uLl aLwAyZ BEe iN mY hEaRtT nO MaTtErR wUtT! k sO wEn sHes taKeN gUYz GETT DA FUKK OFF IFLY CRYSTAL -JeSuS MaDrId

Right boob!

ily me kissin smiley x) my right titty Photobucket Dear smiley, you are one of thee cutest blonde headed sweet heart i hav ever in my entire life met. your hugs are special to me nd your kisses are thee bomb(speackin in general). you are one of thee dopest chickas i hav ever in my life met. i love the fact that you'll always be there fer me nomatta wat! your always by my side to keep me smiling. you rock my ever thin. damn smiley you make me wish i waz a dude tehehe. there will never be another smiley lik yu <3
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THE NEGATiVEVVV Photobucket Photobucket POSITiVE iS LOVE <3 david nd me
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